Zhang Yi

Zhang Yi joins Shanghai Luwan Youth Yue Opera Troupe in 2003 and has performed epics like “Interrogating Wife and Demanding Her Return” and “A Test of Love”. She takes lead roles in challenging excerpts of many famous classics such as “Pearl Pagoda”, “Jade Dragonfly” and “Madam White Snake”. Her mentors include famous artistes Cao Yindi and Huang Hui. Under Huang Hui’s mentorship, she mastered few important epics including “The Jade Hairpin”. She was assigned to act in a film documenting works of maestro Xiao Yueying and Zhao Wenjuan. In 2016, Zhang Yi came in 5th position in the Pu De Cup talent shows for identifying the best Yue Opera voice. In 2011, she was elected Top 10 amongst amateur performers and in the 2015 CCTV Traditional Opera Channel’s Talent Hunt Competition, she was the runner-up.