Hung Feng Min

Feng Min, born and bred in Taiwan, is highly enthusiastic about Taiwan gezai opera and performed in many shows with her varsity friends and fellow gezai enthusiasts. When she arrives in Singapore to start her career, naturally she finds similar interest groups here to take part actively in opera performances in her new community. She was involved in many performances of Fujian Opera, a genre closest to Taiwan gezai. When she was introduced to Shanghai Yue Opera, her interest was kindled. Since then, she has performed in MPCC Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Club’s performances such as “Dream of Red Mansion” and “The Magic Lotus Lantern” as pageboy and Qiu-er respectively. In November 2016, she acted as the protagonist Wang Laohu in “The Bride-Napper Tiger Wang ~ Staying Over” and won accolades for her versatile portrayal of the character. She loves to explore the difference between the genres of operas and with her natural flare, she adapts easily into them.