Zhang Li

Zhang Li is the Artistic Director of Singapore Oriental Arts Centre. In 1999, Zhang  obtained an Artistic Scholarship from the Shaanxi government to study playwright and stage directorship in The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China. She graduated from the Faculty of Directorship of The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 2003. She was given the TV show “Outstanding Young Performing Artistes” title by The Agency for Cultural Affairs in Shaanxi. She joined Chinese Opera Institute in Singapore in March 2003 as the Director for Opera and Theatre. She led students to participate in the International Art Festivals, winning acclaims and accolades from international experts. She has also directed many full-length operas of various genres in Singapore, gaining recognition from the audience.

Representative Works:

2006    Modern Hainanese Opera “The Plains” :Singapore Hainan Society

2007  Hainanese Opera “Wang Zhaojun” :Hainanese Cultural Society of Singapore

2007    Hainanese Play “The Four Hainanese Street” :Hainanese Cultural Society

2007    Mini Play “Heartstrings” :Tampines Junior College (Won the championship for The Singapore Mini Theatre Competition)

2008    Hainanese Opera “The Flower Cupid” : Singapore Hainan Society

2010    Hainanese Opera “Peaches & Plum” : Singapore Hainan Society

2011    Peking Opera ”Wang Xifeng” : Tian Yun Peking Opera Society

2011    Hainanese Opera “The Orphan of the Zhao Family” : Singapore Hainanese Association

2013    Hainanese Opera “The Kingdom & The Beauty” : Singapore Hainanese Association

2014    Yue Opera “Meilong Inn” : MPCC Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation

2014  Beijing Opera “Empress Wu Zetian and Xie Yao Huan” : Singapore Ping Sheh

2014  Teochew Opera “King Xuan of Qi Begs General Tian Ying” :  Performing Arts Group

2015    Yue Opera “Dream of Red Mansion” : MPCC Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Club

2016    “People Association’s 1st Chinese Opera Festival” : Director for the closing Gala Show

2016  Singapore Hainan Society’s 60th Anniversary Celebration : Director for Gala Show

2016    Xin Yue Performing Arts : Yue Opera “A Test of Love”