Maria Yao

Maria Yao is the leader of Xin Yue Yun Opera Troupe, specializes in the “dan” roles. Maria immigrated to Singapore from Hong Kong in 1996, engaged in Yue Opera from 2000 and formed Xin Yue Yun with group of Yue opera enthusiasts. She led troupes to participate in several international opera and cultural exchange performances. She performs the leading role in “Painted Skin”, takes the roles of Tin Xiu in “Dreams of Butterflies”, the dragon princess San Niang in “Liu Yi Chuan Shu – Farewell at the Lakeside”, Liu Yuhong in “The Lady Lion Roar”. She also performs the cross-role of Cai Lanying in male disguise in “Sandalwood Fan”, Meng Lijun in “Meng Lijun – Excursion in the Forest”, Zhu Yingtai in the Butterfly Lovers – Eighteen Miles Send Off”. Maria is invited by MPCC Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Club to take the role of You San Jie in “You San-jie – Broken Hairpin and Slains with the Betrothal Sword”, she looks forward to the opportunity of joint-performance with the local Yue troupes and to promote Yue opera in the Lion City.