Foo Kok Wan

In 1999, Foo Kok Wan founded MPCC Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Club, first for this opera genre. From the beginning presenting only opera excerpts, by 2007, the first attempt at producing entire epics was undertaken. Several epics were produced since, and she has performed in “The Legend of Song Hong”, “Five Daughters Celebrating Grand Birthday”, “The Tragic and Inspiring Story of Empress Han Wen”, “The Emperor and Countrymaiden”, “The Magic Lotus Lantern” and “Dream of Red Mansion”. In 2015, she led an entire team of 45 persons overseas to stage “The Magic Lotus Lantern’ epic in the iconic Dewan Sri, Penang for two nights. In May 2016, Shaoxing Grand Theatre invited the club to participate in its 14th Yue Opera Festival. In the same year, the club was also involved in performances in the 70th and 60th anniversary celebrations of Fanghua and Nanjing Yue Opera Troupes respectively. Through the collaboration with famous artistes, directors and lead musicians from these professional organizations, the hope is to raise the local standards.