Yao Yueyan

Yao Yueyan is the deputy leader of Xin Yue Yun Opera Troupe and she specializes in male roles. She takes the role of Liang Yushu in “Questioning Wife – Lotus Pavilion”, Lv Bu in “Lv Bu and Diao Chan – Small Banquet”, and Xu Wenxiu in “Sandalwood Fan – Meeting in the Study”, and Chen Jichang in “Lady Lion Roar – Kneeling at Poolside”. She performs in many charity events, acted with professional actors in different occasions and had been invited to perform in Penang, Malaysia and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In this event, she takes the role of Liu Dalang in “Peacock Flies Southeast” and looks forward to a joint-performance with the local and performers from China.