“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato


The flourishing of arts, culture, science and knowledge during the Italian Renaissance was greatly shaped by the rediscovery of Greek and Roman mythology, infused with Christian religious icons. So much so that the modern world’s understanding and imagination of Western culture and Christianity are still evoked through the inventive and powerful lenses of the great Renaissance artists.

We believe that mythology is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestations. Several decades of economic and cultural isolation of China has led to erosion of moral beliefs and principles amongst the Chinese as well as loss of an important heritage. Recalling Tang Dynasty, the glorious period of arts and ideas in Chinese history, we deem it urgent to evoke a rebirth of the Golden Age as a counter-measure against cultural degradation. We believe the arts is the ideal medium to bring about an awakening. Hence, our name: TANG RENAISSANCE.


“Conquerors and their valour perish, but masters of beauty live forever.” Du Fu


Art is not a distraction nor escapism.
Colours are not paintings, notes are not music and words are not poetry. To transform colours into paintings, notes into music and words into poetry, there must be knowledge of technique, emotional power and the radiance of spirit.

We believe that our business will contribute to life and it is sustainable. As we promote ancient Chinese culture and spread its wisdom, we inculcate its ethics as our foundation. By being able to see the perfect nature of everyone as the essence of Art, we will achieve immeasurable goodwill. In developing a morally-responsible company, we hope to inspire the talented to perform with excellence, reflecting their aspirations. In using the arts as a channel, we aim to promote the learning and appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and moral values, and through this, acquire ancient wisdom for self-development.


The mission of the founding members is to create a happy and enduring relationship to promote enterprising spirit amongst the talented. Talents are natural gifts developed through discipline and concentration that come from caring. Through the support of arts, the company creates fertile ground for the germination of creative talents.

We want to:
» To make a gift that keeps on giving while promoting our own legacy.
» To own a commercially viable vehicle that promotes Chinese culture globally.
» To create a post-modern, artistically vibrant society in the era of cutting edge technology.

“The vocation of every man and woman is to serve people.”- Leo Tolstoy


  • Work is reverence, a fully integrated human experience.
  • Work reflects our values and shapes our character.
  • Work hones our talents and contributes to social progress.
  • Creative self-expression through work is desirable.
  • Follow our bliss and work with integrity.
  • By our work example, set others on the path of duty.
  • Cultivate an eye for beauty and work with pleasure.


Shanghai Yue Opera Group was founded in 1955 with Yuan Xuefen as its founding director. Over the years the Group created many new works and adopted and arranged costume, history and modern operas, there being over 400 works now in its repertoire. These include The Butterfly Lovers, The Romance of the West Chamber, The Dream of the Red Mansion and Xianglin’s Wife. Many of the production staged the Theatre won prizes and awards for Best Repertory, Best Director, Best Performance, Best Music and Best Scenography at the Shanghai Theatre Festival etc

The Group has, since its early days, brought together many outstanding artists, among them Yuan Xuefen, Fan Ruijuan, Fu Quanxiang, Xu Yulan, Wang Wenjuan, Zhang Guifeng, Lu Jinhua, Lu Ruiying, Jin Caifeng, and the playwright Xu Jin etc. The Group now comprises over 40 writers of scriptwriters, directors, musicians, artistic directors and performers of high standing, as well as two performing groups, namely, the Red Mansion Troupe, a woman’s company devoted to Yue Opera, and a mixed group. The leading talents in these two companies include Qian Huili, Shan Yangping, Fang Yafen, Chen Ying, Zhang Ruihong, Wang Zhiping, Wang Zhiping, Zheng Guofeng and Zhang Yongmei etc.

The genre of Yue Opera is distinguished by its lyrical and poetic style, which incorporates all five aspects of stage production – scriptwriting, directing, performance, music and design. As a performing art, it is a fine marriage of abstraction and realism. The repertory is largely based on folklore, Chinese classical literature and history. There are also elements of day-to-day living about it.

In performance, it appeals to the audience with its elegance, sensitive yet earthy rendering. It has its roots in the life of the people without losing the successful formula of operatic music. The vocal style is lyrical, expressive, appealing to the ear and touching to the heart. The scenery and props, costumes and creation of stage personae are very much in the tradition with Chinese painting. The visual appeal is obvious: tasteful, colourful and invites imagination. The genre of Yue Opera can be described as a rare and fragrant bloom from the garden of Chinese operatic arts where hundreds of species grow and thrive.