Tang Renaissance Limited has invited 60 master performers from world-renowned Fujian Fang Hua Yue Opera House, China; they are Li Min, Wang Anjun, Wang Yimin, Zheng Quan and so on, to perform live in Singapore.

The team will create a visual spectacle of masterful performances of “DREAM OF THE RED MANSIONS”, “HE WEN XIU” and “INTERROGATING WIFE & SEEKING HER RETURN” from February 22, 2008 to February 24, 2008 at Kreta Ayer Peoples Theatre, Singapore.

Proudly presented by : Tang Renaissance Limited
Performed by : Fujian Fang Hua Yue Opera Troupe, China
Venue : Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre





  • Dream of Red Mansions
    7.30pm, 22 February 2008
    Main actor: Chen Li Yu, Wang Jun An as Jia Baoyu;Zheng Quan as Lin Daiyu
  • He Wen-xiu
    7.30pm, 23 February 2008
    Main actor: Wang Yi Min as He Wen Xiu; Zheng Quan as Wang Lanying
  • Interrogating Wife & Seeking Her Return
    7.30pm, 24 February 2008
    Main actor: Wang Jun An as Liang Yushu; Li Min as Xie Yunxia

Tickets :$17, $27, $37, $47
Started from 24 Jan 2008
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