Fujian Fang Hua Yue Opera troupe was founded in 1946 by people of the Arts, with Yin Guifang as its founding director. Over the years the troupe created many new works and adopted and arranged costume, history and modern operas, there being over 100 works now in its repertoire. These include The Butterfly Lovers, The Romance of the West Chamber, The Dream of the Red Mansion, He Wen Xiu and Interrogating wife & Seeking Her Return.

Many of the production staged the Theatre won prizes and awards for Best Repertory, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Performance, and Best Sounds Designer at the Fujian Theatre Festival etc. The Group has, since its early days, brought together many outstanding artists, among them Wang Jun-an, Li Ming, Chen Cui-hong, Shen Min, Xu Jian-li, and Zheng Quan etc.

The genre of Yue Opera can be described as a rare and fragrant bloom from the garden of Chinese operatic arts where hundreds of species grow and thrive. In performance, it appeals to the audience with its elegance, sensitive yet earthy rendering. It has its roots in the life of the people without losing the successful formula of operatic music. The vocal style is lyrical, expressive, appealing to the ear and touching to the heart. The scenery and props, costumes and creation of stage personae are very much in the tradition with Chinese painting. The visual appeal is obvious: tasteful, colorful and invites imagination.