The Fairy Carp

This is a beautiful Chinese legend based on a traditional folk tale about the romance between a carp fairy and a scholar. True love is immortalized as the fairy sacrifices eternal life to be with the one she loves in a transient world. Follow the thrills, joys and near escapes of the characters as they begin their love story, outwit cruel ministers and battle heavenly soldiers to live together.

Performers of The Fairy Carp : Yang Tingna, Xi Yaqin
Performers of Opera Excerpts : Wu Qun



The Pearl Pagoda

Fang Qing was born to a poor family. He lives with his mother and they lead a difficult life. One day, Fang Qing tries to borrow money from his aunt, Chen Fang. But she refused and humiliates him. When his cousin, Chen Cui Er, learns of her mother’s misdeeds, she sends her maid to pass the heirloom pearl as a gift to Fang Qing. Following several twists and turns in the story, Fang Qing passed the examinations in flying colours. It coincides with the birthday of his aunt Chen Fang, Fang Qing disguise as a singer, singing about affections and revisits the time when his aunt humiliates him.

Performers of The Pearl Pagoda : Zhang Yufeng, Sheng Shuyang, Tao Zhuanyi
Performers of Opera Excerpts : Wu Qun, Yang Tingna



The Butterfly Lovers

The Butterfly Lovers or Liang Zhu is a famous Chinese legend about the tragic romance between two lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. One the oldest stories told on the opera stage in China, it is often regarded as the Chinese equivalent to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Performers of The Butterfly Lovers : Wang Shuwen, Sheng Shuyang, Wu Qun




Opera Excerpts

All from the famous Chinese opera classics, the night’s excerpts performed by the famous Shanghai Yue Opera House come with nothing less than highly elaborate sets, breathtaking costumes and an unforgettable appearance of a stellar cast. This beautiful operatic rendition of the Chinese opera classics simply cannot be missed.

Performers of Opera Excerpts : Wu Qun, Tang Xiaoling, Qiu Danli, Zhang Yufeng, Sheng Shuyang, Wang Rousang