After the two warm-up Shanghai Yue Opera stints in March earlier this year, friends of the Marine Parade Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Club have once again invited Hua Yi Qing and Huang Hui, veteran artistes from the Shanghai Yue Opera House, to perform for two nights as part of the fund-raising event for Food from the Heart. A full-length opera “The Legend of Song Hong” and a total of 10 excerpts from various plays have been specially selected to be performed over these two nights.

The programme is as follows:

Friday, 22 June, 7.45pm

  • The Legend of Song Hong
  • The Fairy Carp – Admiring Lantern
  • The Butterfly Lovers – Transformation

Saturday, 23 June, 7.45pm

  • Five Daughters Celebrating Grand Birthday
  • A Test of Love – Tearful Farewell
  • A Test of Love – Lamenting at the Temple
  • A Test of Love – Seeking Justice in the Hades
  • A Test of Love – Seeking Justice in the Hades
  • Romance of the West Chamber – Music of the Heart
  • Genuine and Fake Prince Consort – Meeting at the Garden
  • Genuine and Fake Prince Consort – Blood-stained Imperial Court
Venue : Victoria Theatre
Date & Time : Friday, 22 June, 7.45pm
Saturday, 23 June, 7.45pm
Ticket Price : $20, $30 & Donation Ticket


For further enquiries on ticketing, please contact Miss Ain of Food from the Heart at
Tel: 6259 7176